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We believe that our job as designers is to create experiences that bring people into their senses. We employ thoughtful design in order to spark curiosity and set the stage for moments of genuine hospitality, fostering joy, healing and connection. We put beauty into the world by building spaces that honor history, emotion, and possibility.


We are Otherworld.


Interior Design & Advisory

We are a studio of experience specialists who conceptualize and bring to life environments ripe for gathering, healing, and human connection. We are interior designers by trade who also advise on big picture thinking to create spaces that transcend ordinary.


Meet Our Founder

Nina Gotlieb is an interior designer working primarily in hospitality, wellness and product development. Her collaborative and empathetic approach places emotional curation on par with beautiful solutions to complex puzzles. 15+ years of experience in hospitality have built on her belief that good design should be engaging, thoughtful, smart, and democratic. She understands that hospitality is a form of care, and design plays an essential role in supporting a holistic vision of service.

Door handles

Experience Our Culture

Happy, healthy people do the best work. 


At Otherworld, we support our team so they can focus on the important stuff. We champion inclusivity, blue sky thinking, and strong communication so we can foster a solid work culture. 

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