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Project type

Interior Design - Renovation


Peréz Zelédon, Costa Rica


November 2021

Built around a fictional story of the family that once owned this property, we envisioned two muses: Each design choice is through the eyes of two siblings returning to take over and transform the family home with items collected from a life of global travel, featured alongside pieces made by their favorite Tico artisans. Our main goal for the design aimed to loosen up the formality of the existing property, making it feel more at home in its tropical mountain location, seamlessly blending existing elements with new ones, and creating an entirely new feeling throughout. The property features 50 casitas ranging in size across four types, three of which include bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas with new private plunge pools. Sprawling across 180 acres, public spaces include two restaurants, adult and family pools, a spa operated by The Well, and a central hub dubbed "The Mercado", which houses check-in, retail, and concierge alongside a casual cafe.

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