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Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood New Jersey

Interior Design

Interior Design - Renovation



Originally designed in the mid-1960’s by John Rattenbury, chief architect and co-founder of Taliesin Associated Architects with Frank Lloyd Wright, this home has only seen a few owners since its original inhabitants. Our clients sought to honor the home almost like an additional family member, rather than treat it like a museum object to be preserved and frozen in time. Our studio worked diligently with the clients to research the home’s history in order to update it in a manner consistent with the original vision.

The goals for this first phase of the project revolved around restoring and replacing many of the older finishes around the house, and blending our client’s style with the style of the home for the decor. In a manner consistent with most of TAA’s work, nearly all of the furniture was purpose-designed for the house, and therefore our work revolved around restoring and reupholstering, giving it all an entirely new life that reflected the personality of our clients. Our studio designed a few new custom pieces for the home, including the sofa, ottoman and area rug in the den, all of which were inspired by the inherent geometries found throughout the home’s architecture.

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